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Meeting Today's Strategic Challenges

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We are entering a new world of accelerating change. To help businesses best navigate this pivot moment, PTB Global Advisors offers intelligence, consultations, and real-time analysis tailored to client specifications. We report where the strategic environment is currently headed, giving your firm a knowledgeable head start.

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"The U.S. Midterm Elections and the

Impact on the Indo-Pacific"

Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 19:00 EDT/

Thursday, December 8, 2022, 09:00 Japan

Our Services

PTB Global Advisors builds our coverage around the regions and issue areas important to your firm. We have the information and analytical capabilities to assist you and are ready to customize our services to your requirements. We can also provide you with tailored products on a client-only basis and produce multi-client special reports on single topics as requested.

Our two most popular products are:

  • Strategic Insights

  • Custom Analysis

Our Services

Strategic Insights

Subscription for once or twice a month, with optional monthly consultation package.

Custom Analysis

Delivered once or twice a month, including monthly consultations with President/CEO Paul Goldstein.

Cyber Resilience

We work with leading U.S. cybersecurity and cyber-training companies that can fill vital gaps in cyber resilience.

Special Reports

PTB Global Advisors also offers topical special reports on major global issues and current trends.

U.S.-China Competition

Assessment of post-COVID U.S.-China relations.

The Hamilton Project

Implications of Alexander Hamilton's ideas on the U.S. recovery.

Global Financial System

Assessment of the role of the dollar and Fed in the post-COVID global financial system.

Our Team

PTB Global Advisors is ready to deploy our vast network and unique capabilities to help your business navigate the coming period of change.


We Can Assist Your Firm

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Current instability in the international system means companies will now, more than ever, have to factor a changing geopolitical environment into their business planning. Going forward, past ways of doing business will be disrupted and forced to evolve. Contact PTB Global Advisors below for an initial evaluation.

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