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Pacific Tech Bridge (PTB) is an Arlington, Virgina-based consultancy specializing in global research, cybersecurity, and US-Japan corporate cooperation.


Mr. Paul Goldstein founded PTB based on his expertise in fostering business relationships between the US and Japan over the past four decades. Since 2001, PTB has established strong bonds with leading figures from the public policy and private sectors in both countries.


PTB aims to promote bilateral relations, deepen corporate ties, and connect strategic culture, policy priorities, and economic opportunities.


As a result of our commitment to excellence and fair practices we have earned the trust of our clients. We encourage you to contact us for unparalleled service and valuable expertise.


What We Do

Pacific Tech Bridge (PTB) is a global research enterprise. We provide clients in both the corporate sector and government with in-depth research based on our decades of experience in political, economic and national security affairs. Although PTB maintains a streamlined corporate team, we draw upon a vast network of contacts built over the past 40 years. This enables us to provide world-class research at competitive prices.

PTB is also engaged in building cybersecurity cooperation and other bilateral corporate links between the United States and Japan. We have established business partnerships with some of the leading cybersecurity firms in the United States and are in the process of introducing their unique services to the Japanese market. PTB firmly believes that a strengthened US-Japan strategic partnership requires a stronger element of private sector cooperation and integration. We are using our unique access to corporate and government leaders, both Americans and Japanese, to pursue this objective.  


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